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Not just to be online … for some luxury … for most, however, the pure horror.

A short anecdote at this point: I am with my students on a school trip.
We have a really great outdoor program, a beautiful property and they were all excited when I told them the details … until one came to a pass in the Tyrol that is not in Germany!
All the students’ questions revolved around making calls, texting and Internet abroad, there was a frenzy and I saw the panic in their faces.
I have to admit that I was a little amused!
However, I must also confess that I am one of those people who loves to be „connected“.
I am probably too much on my phone, but on the other hand I also do not want to be forced to be disconnected.
I take my online time-out when I want to have it and not when there is no alternative. Which brings us back to the subject which should be: Online abroad

Six Sinses „Yao Noi“ Thailand

Skyline of Bangkok

Meanwhile, I know there are three main options to be accessible when traveling:

1. Use your phone with your regular home number

Many mobile operators in Germany offer packages when travelling abroad, in particular within the EU. These rates are usually cheaper than a local prepaid SIMs, especially after taking into account the unused credit.
BUT it is important to order these packages in advance so that you don’t get a big shock with your next bill.

2. You buy a prepaid local SIM card
These are available in most countries, for example in supermarkets or can be ordered in advance online.
First, for this you need an unlocked phone!
Although the rates are usually cheaper and you also have an overview and control of how much credit you have used. However, if you travel to various different countries, you can quickly build-up a collection of prepaid cards with their remaining unused credit, which often expires after three or six months.

3. The optimal solution for us is a special „Travel SIM Card“
These are available from various suppliers, although we have used the Tellink Traveller SIM and are very satisfied.
For this card which is ideally suited for people who travel to a variety of destinations, we bought an extra unlocked mobile phone.
The number remains the same and we simply stored it as „holidays“ in the contacts of our other phones. We could not think of a better name!
The Traveller SIM work on over 600 mobile networks in over 200 countries. You can easily check the rates for each country by using the „Rates Calculator“ on Tellink’s website.

Screenshot tellink
Screenshot of Tellink’s Rate Calculator

How to use it

The SIM card comes with a small booklet, the Quick Start Guide, in which the main issues are explained in English, Dutch, French and Spanish: How can I query my credit / charge? Or what to do in an emergency?
In addition, it explains how to use the SIM card.
It is hard to believe that we operate an online travel blog, constantly sit at mobile, computer and tablet, and yet immediately cry out for our men when something needs to be installed.
This time we tried, however, even when first using the Tellink Traveller SIM, and lo and behold …
It was simply: inserting the SIM, entering the supplied PIN, and we were ready!
Even the setup of the mobile Internet was not a problem!
All we had to do was to go to the settings and in the access point names (APN) enter „“, turn on the mobile data and restart the hone.
The accompanying Quick Start Guide to call confused us at first because we did not understand the term „transparent call back“.
Dial a number, then you will be called back … huh?
After we had used it a couple of times, it was really easy.
You dial the number with country code, then the display shows „call in progress“ and then your phone rings. Tellink’s system disconnects your call, calls you back while automatically dialing the number you wanted to reach.
Sounds complicated when reading about it, but it absolutely is not.

Travelling with Tellink

We tested the Tellink Traveller SIM date in Oman, the Maldives, Thailand and France.
In France we have primarily used it for the GPS to tell Antje to bring us to the right destination. We stayed with our Hedgehog team in the Center Parcs Les Trois Forêt. Since Antje had to work, she came later. Thanks to the SIM card, we were able to stay in contact comfortably and easily by telephone and we explained to her exactly how they find our house in the dark.
But it is outside the EU thata the Traveller Gold SIM excels. As already mentioned, you can always buy a local SIM card. But honestly, the last thing Sonja thought of when she arrived, for example, in Oman, was to buy a SIM card. She took the first photos and could not wait to send a photo of the wonderful spot where she had landed to her loved ones at home. The Traveller SIM worked just like her normal SIM card in Germany …

six senses zighy bay villas
Six Senses Zighy Bay villas

In Thailand, we mainly used the SMS function to keep Sonja abreast of her beloved grandchildren. Firstly, because there receiving SMSs is free. Secondly, because we also wanted to test the Internet telephony. Again, there were no problems.
If there are any problems, there is a clear website, where all questions are answered. If this is not enough, there is phone and email assistance from customer service.


We were pleasantly surprised how easy and simple application of the SIM card was. In addition, we had god quality reception anywhere, never experienced any problems and are completely satisfied. Also, you only pay for what you use and the rates for calling between countries are clearly presented together with your remaining balance.
For anyone who travels a lot and still likes to stay in contact with those they left at home or just to make friends jealous with a special holiday greeting, a Traveller SIM card is such a recommended option!

Holiday greetings from the Maldives

Other Information:

The Tellink Traveller SIM
– Costs 25 euros,
– Contains 10 Euro credit and
– Is delivered free shipping.

Thanks to Tellink who provided us with the Traveller SIM.

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  1. Alex sagt:

    I thought I would share my experience with the Tellink Roaming SIM. I travel in Europe once every 12-18 months and find it painful to get a new SIM card each time I land. So this never-expiring SIM seems like a good fit.

    Summary: Great SIM card … once all is working.

    I bought the card and I received it in a week.
    It took about 5 days to have it all working though.

    Lessons learned:
    * Buy the 25 euro card. Do not add extra credit when you buy the card (I did and had to contact support as the extra credit was not loaded onto the card). You can add the same credit later anyway.
    * Support is not great. Their main support number (+32 3 400 48 49.) advertised on is disconnected as of November 2019. Their main office number is only manned Monday – Friday during business hours in Europe. It also took several goes before I managed to talk to someone. Web and email inquiries are answered only during business hours.
    * Positive note: Once I managed to talk to a person they were very helpful and quickly resolved my issue including providing a refund due to the many issues I had.
    * The credit you have (the initial 10 euro) are added to your account. If you intend to use data, you THEN must use this credit to buy a „BUNDLE“, otherwise your usage is taken from your account on a „pay-as-you-go“ basis. In my case, I used 15 MB (barely the size of a couple of emails with attached pictures) and was charged 22.50 euro. Ouch!
    * Positive note: Once I applied my credit to a „Bundle“, the cost became 7 euro for 1GB or 17 euro for 3GB … A lot better!
    * When you needed it, you can either buy a data bundle or add more credit. Once again this „credit“ needs to be allocated to a „Bundle“ unless you want to use Pay-As-You-Go (for calls and SMS)
    * SMSes are not part of „Bundles“, and will be taken from your Credit. You do not get any alerts when your credit is low … or 0 euro. When the credit is gone you cannot send any SMSes anymore even if you have an active phone & data bundle. Very confusing, though now that I understand how it works, I know how to manage this.
    * Another confusing „feature“: to top-up your card, you need to enter your number as „32438xxxxxx“ (the international version of your number), but to manage your account and allocate credit to a Bundle, you need to go to a different page and enter your number as „0438xxxxxx“ (the local version of your number).

    * One a positive note: I tested my unlocked phone as a „Mobile Hotspot“ and was able to share my data with my laptop and with other smart phones.

    I look forward to using this SIM for my many future travels through Europe.

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